Meet the Picker Sisters

Sue & Sally are  The Picker Sisters – we collect, restore and re-sell antiques and conduct estate sales in the Aurora, IL area.

About Picker Sister Sue

Sue_Bio_PictureI have been into antiques and vintage items all my life, having grown up in a home where my mom instilled that passion in me. I have experience in redesigning/rehabbing homes and a deep personal interest in farmhouses and rural lifestyle. I love refurbishing/repurposing items for resale. I admire so many of the pieces, it’s hard to sell them once they are finished! I also love being a part of Past and Present Shoppes & The Vintage Market in North Aurora and have some of our items there. We also show at many of the local area flea markets from March through October.  View our website often or follow us on Facebook to keep current on our markets and estate sales!


About Picker Sister Sally

Sally2I have always been a collector of antiques and vintage ware.  My keen eye for acquiring older pieces coupled with my attention to detailed refinishing brings the pieces back to life!  I love showing and talking about antique furniture at markets and watching people admire them as much as I do.  My sister and I also conduct estate sales/moving sales and have a lot of experience working with elderly clients and their families.  I have a space in the Kart Werks building at 712 S Lake St in Montgomery and I sell at the Farmers & Vendor Market at the Aurora Transportation Center on Saturdays.  We love what we do and it shows in our business relationships with people. Hope to see you at one of the shops or one of our markets soon!

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